Republicans should have their own planet!

I am sooooo sick of the party of "NO" and their obstructionist approach to our new and improved President's efforts to undo some of the "fat cats" reign of greed! The fact they are a part of the religious right just makes me more frustrated. I am seriously considering creating a website entitled
"Republicans should have their own planet" what do you think?
Submitted by Marilyn the Crone from Lucerne, CA

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Comment by Marilyn on February 23, 2009 at 11:22pm
Hi, Your point is well taken and I suspect you are Republican leaning. I have a son who voted twice for "W" and is a devoted Christian ( Lutheran ) we love and tolerate each other and know we have very different views and values. He warmed my heart by supporting Obama and is very disheartened by his previous party alliances and the pain and suffering he is seeing as a direct result of far right thinking. I hope you are right and athiests can co-exist with Republicans but I am unimpressed with the Republican Rep. and Senators. I watch Fox News for the other viewpoint until I just start to pull my hair out at their bias and ignorance. I am more in tune with MSNBC and on occaision CNN.
Thank you for your feed back! Marilyn the crone from Lucerne, CA
Comment by Marilyn on February 23, 2009 at 2:43pm
Thanks j, I love to know ohers see thru their strange sense of morality. My favorite question to them is always, " How many of the , 'unborn' you are so enraptured with, have you raised and supported after ensuring they are born into poverty, drug abuse, teen parents and ignorance?" They never have a real answer. Of course the moral majority is niether! not moral, and wonderfully.... NOT the majority! Rush is a blowheart bafoon!

Peace, Marilyn the crone from Lucerne, CA
Comment by j on February 22, 2009 at 10:42pm
Here's a party with so many problems... too many.
A fake morality, where (tax) money is greater than people or how their since of justice trumps compassion (I'm glad Jesus is not real, He might come up from mexico and get treated like crap here in the US trying to get some medicine. America would be judged. the "status" of our brothers and sisters does not make them less human)

They are not pro-family. they would rather allow the bondage of debt on households than "grant" easy relief. This is the party that made it harder for people to declare bankruptcy. the divorce rate is 50%. Debt is the major reason for that... the largest kind of debt are medical bills. Universal Health Care? Their God forbid it!!!

Rush talks about black democrats being a minority group within that party. He distracts from the fact that the Moral Majority, the base of the Republican Party, is by and largely ignored by the elite Ann Coulter types at the top of the GOP.



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