Responding to Mr. Bonaparte’s slander post of August 11 2013, “The cure: kill an Arab”

I cannot imagine the real purpose of posting this distasteful slanderous video clip – that combines Israeli young women soldiers, frolicking in front of a camera, with a stupid song called “kill an Arab” – but for the primitive urge to sling mud at Israel, my country of birth, residence and citizenship.

The post has nothing to do with the declared purpose of this internet site – Atheism versus Religion. The title of the post – “The cure: kill an Arab”  – would be to the point, but much less fun,  if it were combined with images of beheadings of allegedly adulterous women in Afghanistan, persecution of gay persons in Iran (sorry, there aren’t any) or hand chopping and whipping in Saudi Arabia. Or it could cite such ignored statistics regarding the killing of Muslims by other Muslims, and I quote:

“Some 11,000,000 (eleven million) Muslims have been violently killed since 1948 (date of Israeli independence) of which 35,000 or 0.3% died during the 60 years of fighting Israel . . . over 90% of the 11 million perished were killed by fellow Muslims . . .”

Add to that more recent Muslim (and minority) deaths at the hands of Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and other “Arab Spring” countries. But why should we be bothered with statistics when everyone knows that it’s the Jews who poisoned the wells and butchered gentile kids to mix their blood in their festival food.


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Comment by Luara on September 5, 2013 at 6:03pm

For once I'm glad to have made a mistake.  These matters can be so prickly. 



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