Response to The National Registry of Atheists - Globalization a threat to Atheism?

Globalization a threat to atheism?

When national boundaries disappear; chimpanzees avoid single combat.

How will people organize themselves?

This is in response to ‘Florida pastor Michael Stahl suggested that known atheists be categorized on a list he called "The Christian National Registry of Atheists."

Chimps avoid single combat. To fight successfully, they must maintain complex, collaborative social networks – suggesting that only by bonding within groups can chimps engage in violence between such groups. This has big implications. It may be the ability to form bond with strangers was forced by demands of war. Thus, the human tendency to coalesce around abstract concepts such as religion or nation, which underpins civilization, may be an evolutionary legacy of a violent past. Signs of anything similar in a species that, albeit a close-ish relative, parted company from the line leading to humans at least 5M years ago are interesting.

Christian families are building blocks of a political system vs

Islam another political system?

“To understand the modern world one has to understand the forces like patriotism,” George Orwell wrote.

Families as we know couldn’t have existed before private property and money came into existence for the masses. Joseph could have been part of something of a ‘husbandry’ – not a husband as we mean now.

Families are a cheaper way to basic necessities at the bottom of Maslow’s triangle – Food, shelter, clothing and sex. But is there female devotion to husband or the other way around.


One way or other, the world moves around alpha males using women and other men.


Now Women folk around alpha males – priests and call it religion.  And that explains why ‘life of a man, in savage societies; is poor, solitary, nasty, brutish and short – Thomas Hobbes” Over here in India, life of a retired man is around bars and pavement – family is a female and her offspring as it is among animals. Islam made a change; its families are male centered. You don’t find destitute Muslim men in the streets. To some extend they mass produced male leadership. That explains a lot of what is happening now. So it is no war between civilizations, but which type of organization is better for survival.

With the advent of independent churches like Pentecostals, we are seeing much more marketing knowledge and skills being applied into such organization. Perhaps it is also in response to growth of Islam.

Catholic women call themselves soldiers of Christ, but in effect they are soldiers of the pope. When Soviet Union collapsed, one luni woman said, “It is the strength of our rosaries that brought the USSR down.”

Hierarchical structures are despotic. It is a product of conquering and never allows creativity or growth to higher layers of Maslow’s triangle.

Even wolf packs are despotic under alpha males only under captivity, in the wild it is more cooperation rather than domination – John Bradshaw ‘Dog Sense’.


The point is that we humans are moving to a more hierarchical structure and homogeneity – it is easy for management as controlling.

There is another contrast with Islam – why they insist on women wearing purdah. It comes from the essay written by a 17-year-old girl Sreela – a nursing student.

“Sky is full of stars

 River is full of water

 And boy’s minds are full of beautiful girls

 So every girl wants to be more and more beautiful so she can ‘cheat’ more and more boys.”


“The function of marriage is full control,” said another girl.

Can male nature come out of female influence as a weakness? An anecdote:


A teen aged girl was plucking mangoes with a lot of difficulties when a 50+ year old man offered to help. He happily climbed the tree and plucked some mangoes. Then there was a change. He sat one a branch holding tight to it and said that was feeling giddy.

The young girl went to the man’s wife and informed about her husband’s plight. She came under the tree and started abusing the man in filthy language. Finally the villagers had to get the help of the fire force to get the man down.


Strategies based on instinctive human weakness still survive. Chimps avoid single combat so do our leaders.




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Comment by Steph S. on September 6, 2011 at 10:06pm
Enjoyed reading that -- thanks.



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