Over the past several years, we have had several people really f us over. We had the "pastor" and his wife rent from us - they let a 2 month old baby die in the house (prosector said the baby had not been fed or even touched in 12-15 hours), they didn't pay us rent for many months, and they trahsed the place beyond repair. We had to declare bankruptcy over that one. Then there was the Christian business owner, who f-ed us for 30K (I talk about that in another blog). We are still trying to recover from that.

Now, the latest: on Tuesday, we helped a student of mine buy a car from a couple. I usually don't like to call people white trash, but these people would definitely fit the bill. He said that there was going to be a bit of smoke, because they had recently flushed the transmission, and fluid got on some pipe. Turns out, the transmission is just about dead, and we just paid $700 for a car that we can't drive. He isn't willing to give any portion of the money back. He KNEW what he was doing. He basically has screwed both us and my student (we paid for half of the car). I'm especially mad, because my student has had a really rough time of it lately, and this is proving to be a major straw on the camel's back for him. I'm the sort who will let people walk all over me, but when they hurt someone I care for, I freak.

I am just so SICK of people getting away with things like this!!! I know that if I try to take this guy to court, I'll be left trying to get the money from him, so what's the point? I have no faith in our justice system. I am so outraged right now that I am seriously considering revenge. I know all the crap about forgiving people, and how anger will eat you up, so you should just let it go, blah, blah, blah, but I am sick of turning the other cheek!!!!!!! I have gone through WAY too much at the hands of other people, and I want this f-er to pay!!! Every day I become more and more of a misanthrope, and it's because of sub-humans like this.

Any atheists on here have a perspective on this? When you can't take anymore of the crap people deal out, but you're an ethical person, what do you do!?!?!?! I've barely slept for 3 days, and I could just choke someone right now!

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Comment by Sobe647 on June 4, 2009 at 5:41pm
Hey Celtix,
So sorry to hear about the short end of the stick you got on that car deal. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but taking a car to a mechanic for a pre purchase inspection is probably the best $50 you can spend. However there is some good news you may be able to fight this guy... assuming you have the time to do it.

There are such things as lemon laws which protects consumers from misleading car purchases.
Google it search around see what you can find. He did sort of imply that it was in good shape since he "flushed the transmission".

Oh yea and don't trust christians they seem to be the first to be dishonest and greedy. My bf was ripped off for 3k, he made the mistake of thinking this guy was going to give the money to the mechanic he was working with. It was a complicated situation... but a learning experience none the less. Always get the information straight from the source, don't trust the middle man, and don't trust anything someone says when they're trying to sell something to you. I guess what I'm saying is only you can look out for yourself because no one else is going to.

I hope things get better for you and your friend.
Comment by Celtix1234 on May 25, 2009 at 12:01pm
Well, there's a part of me that wants to think that THESE people (whoever they may be) are going to be different. When I lived in a mobile home, years ago, I hated the stigma that was attached to it. I was educated, played several instruments, was ethical, had traveled, etc. Not stereotypical trailer-trash. So I always think I shouldn't judge. But really, I should judge. A lot. My problem is that I'm too trusting. People can screw me over, but the next guy comes along and I think that it's not fair to hold a grudge against a person who hasn't done anything to me. But then they do. So really, I'm at a point where I just hate people. I know there are a very few good people out there, but I guess I just need to be distrustful of everyone?
Comment by unholyroller on May 25, 2009 at 2:52am
No one can take advantage of you unless you let them. Sounds like you should tell people to just eff off. Christians and white trash crack whores..........what were you thinking??? Please tell us you've learned from these experiences.
Comment by Celtix1234 on May 24, 2009 at 11:07pm
LOL!! Yeah, men always want to fix things. But men also know how to fix things like this situation, so I don't mind hearing some advice. I knew a guy who got together with a couple of friends and waited outside a bar for a guy who had done something really horrible. I forget what - something like molesting his daughter. They whacked him over the head with a baseball bat, tied up his hands, put him in a huge bag, threw him in the bottom of a boat, and rowed out to the middle of a lake, where they threatened to throw him overboard. I guess he cried and begged, and they told him that if they heard of him doing anything like that ever again, he would be swimming with the fish. I like that story. I think if more people would do things like that, the creeps would think twice. I wish there were a group of people who would carry out justice for those who can't, because we all know the cops could care less. If this Eddie Lamke had a boating experience like the guy in the story, I bet we'd get our money back. I'd even let him make payments, since he's probably already spent the money on his meth lab.
Comment by Jonathan Kraus on May 24, 2009 at 11:16am
My wife says women never want advice when they rant about shitty things, they just want men to shut up, listen, and maybe say... that's terrible.

That's terrible.



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