Another day has passed and my wife and I have survived round 4 of the shitstorm. Phone calls, emails, and even carrier pigeons have descended upon the wife and I like a biblical plague. Reporters have lit up my phone like a "Vegas style slot machine" that never fucking pays the jackpot.

I'm still in shock. It has been one Hell of a ride.

Thanks to a phone call with Amanda at national headquarters, I was able to have a good chat with a comrade that lifted my secular spirit and fueled my passion to make sure we got a safe place for our children to play, learn and make memories. Christian bullies are everywhere. No playground or workplace is safe from the self righteous zombie worshiper. Don't kid yourself for a second.This type of behavior displayed to us on Monday is being encouraged in homes and preached from pulpits across this secular land of ours.

I would like to ask each and everyone that reads this post to please give $5 to camp quest Oklahoma. We plan fundraisers year round to keep the cost of a week a camp at an affordable rate. The fundraiser on Monday was specifically earmarked for financial aid. We have received 23 requests from struggling families trying to get by paycheck to paycheck. Many are single parents attending college and working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. These are children that might not get to come to camp any other way than thru our financial aid program.

Lets make the legacy of #ribgate2013 that not one child that applied was left behind. Please make a PayPal donation at
All donations will be matched by the Stiefel foundation. Thanks Todd for the support. Your awesome.

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