Richard Feynman's simple but far ranging idea...

I was looking at a list of videos I wanted to watch. At first, I was looking at them one by one and came across this title:

Richard Dawkins: Genius Of Darwin 1%3 Life, Darwin & Everything-lSYREfaZP1U

I couldn't figure out what the 1%3 meant in the title. Someone smarter than me could pick it off right away, but an average person may have a bit of trouble. So, for an average person to be as smart as Richard Feynman, we need a "trick". I will show you the illustration of Feynman's idea before I spell out the idea. Now back to the list of videos.

I was wondering what the 1%3 meant in the title while I took a step that allowed me to deduce what it meant. I changed the way I was looking at the video titles and, while I was still wondering about the 1%3, I decided to look at the titles together. They looked like this:

Richard Dawkins: Genius Of Darwin 1%3 Life, Darwin & Everything-lSYREfaZP1U

Richard Dawkins: Genius Of Darwin 2%3 The Fifth Ape-sjVpg2B2Q44

Richard Dawkins: Genius Of Darwin 3%3 God Strikes Back-eNHhdoRW_BU

Does the meaning of 1%3 pop out at you? I'm sure it does, but just in case you've had too many beers, I will explain. There are three videos. 1%3 means 1 of 3, and 2%3 means 2 of 3, and 3%3 means 3 of 3.

So, now back to Feynman's idea or principle that his father ingrained in him. When Richard Feynman was a young boy, his father trained him to look at things differently than how most other people look (and/or think) about things. If you change your perspective on something, you may come up with a better understanding of that something.

In this video of Prof. Feynman, he explains something about this principle:

In another video he talks about how his father taught him about inertia using a wagon and a ball. I lost the link to that video, but am sure you can find it yourselves.

Time for this crazy man (me) to get some food.

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Comment by Cane Kostovski on April 4, 2012 at 12:49pm

I just thought of another example for this principle. Can you name an artist's painting, or a writer's book, or a scientist's discovery, or a politician's idea that illustrates this principle?

Thinking "out of the box" has always been simple. Everyone can do it!!!!!



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