Rick Perry, As We Say in KY: "Put Up or Shut Up!"

This may be less than timely, but whatever.


How many times does Texas Gov. Perry have to be snubbed by "the Lord" before he gets it?


April 2011, Texas is starting to suffer widespread drought for which there is no impending meteorological relief. Rick Perry organizes a "prayer" holiday for rain and the drought gets worse, continuing to this very day. Any good witch doctor knows you need to see the clouds building in the west before you schedule the rain dance. Otherwise, you ain't gonna be the witch doctor for long.


"The Response," evidently a thinly-veiled attempt to build support for his budding Presidential campaign, Rick Perry organizes an event (during the continuing drought) to pray for answers to our nation's troubles. Apparently the answer was, "Hey, Rick, run for President." Oddly, the stock market didn't make a dramatic recovery, job growth is still in the shitter, and Barack Obama is still the President. I'm starting to think Rick Perry's "god" likes it this way.


It makes me wonder how many staffers Gov. Perry has hired throughout his career. If his god truly means for Mr. Perry to be Governor and now President of the United States, campaigning should be moot. Why does he need billions of dollars from big corporate donors? Why does he need anybody calling voters in early "primary" states? Why would he hedge his bets by running for President while he still comfortably holds the office of Texas Governor?


If Rick Perry has the faith he says, let him resign his position as governor, give all of his millions to the poor, and spend all of his time, on his knees, in prayer. Otherwise, he needs to admit that he cannot truly depend on his god to take care of everything and stop asking anyone else to do the same.

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Comment by Keith G. on August 19, 2011 at 1:59pm

Amen.    Double Amen, and, I'ved live in Texas 4 the past 11 years.


Oh,------did you see the transcript of his college grades? And, it's not exactly like he was competing with the guys at Cal Tech.  Whatever.


Keith G.  in Tx.

Comment by Jeremy Raines on August 19, 2011 at 1:18pm

<tone="high"><timbre="slightly breathy"><content="nerdy">

HTML tags for sarcasm would be the hot sauce, dude!


Comment by Brady on August 19, 2011 at 12:48pm

The almighty doesn't have to answer prayer. Besides, this country is full of sinners. Maybe it's a curse from god until we change our evil ways.



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