Right/wrong/good/bad - what are your values? Please share for brain reformat!

What's been really troubling me recently is this right/wrong/good/bad/evil/other stuff. After reading a couple of posts here today, which is just so refreshing - having been desperate for this sort of naturally based world view for such a long time now - being surrounded by Theists friends and family!!!

Anyhow, it was a relief today reading that there is no good/bad etc. Because really when we look at it, we just are here... and it's a simple as that. Then I go into my 'real' life here, and get caught up with being influenced by all my Theist thinking locals, and totally end up feeling like there is in fact a right and wrong and I'm in the wrong and god dam I better try and be good!

So now we can start again, with the premise that right and wrong don’t exist. Great! That feels better. So if this is the case, then why am I so opinionated about what should and shouldn’t be happening around the place???

OK. So I must have developed my own value system, based on my upbringing, cultural education, schooling, life experience etc. I realise that we are fully caused, but it does make life very difficult. I would much rather if it were in fact designed well from the start, so that I didn’t have all this clearing out of old washed up behavioural patterning and have to re-think all my neural networks to make more sense based in the reality of all things.

Why did I have to end up being caused to be living with and around so many theists! Thank God I’ve been guided to the light in arriving here… thanks Naturalism Facebook group :)

So now I know that there is no ultimate right and wrong etc… it’s going to take me ages to sort out all my values from scratch.

Can anyone give me any tips?

What are your values? And why? What do they do for you? How are they helpful to your life? Do they help you meet your needs? If so, what needs do they meet?

There that may help in my unravelling of this storm of upset in my head!

Thanks in advance…

Alice :)

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Comment by Alice on February 21, 2011 at 10:19pm
OK... thanks for that John...  I'll see if I can make time to read it as I"m very interested... I might make a note in my diary to look it up. :)
Comment by John Camilli on February 21, 2011 at 3:58pm

You sound like a fellow Pyrrhonist. I recently came across the 3rd century BCE philosopher Pyrrho, and found that his views mirror my own. He was the epitomy of a skeptic, reserving judgement on all things for the moment in which he considered them, and always allowing that his judgement of the same thing could change in the future because of the failings of human intellect. Many people have said that skepticism is a self-defeating proposition, but the manner in which Pyrrhonists express their doubt covers even this base.



Empiricism later arose as the diverging philosophy of a follower of the Pyrrhonist school of thought - Sextus Empiricus. Wikipedia has a pretty decent account of it all, if you want to check it out. I strongly encourage you to because it sounds as if you are trying to give voice to the same ideas, as I was.

Comment by Alice on February 18, 2011 at 8:28pm
Hi John,
Thanks for the suggestions. It's a matter of being mindful about checking my choices and using reason and experience. It's so easy to forget! I like to be able to come onto this site for help in maintaining my mindfulness of thinking in a way that is logical to Naturalism and not just a habit based in some cultural supernatural thinking that's I've learnt along the way.
Thanks, Alice :)
Comment by Alice on February 18, 2011 at 8:25pm
Hi Cliff,
Thanks for the input. I can see that it does take small changes over time. As I understanding the world as being fully causal, I realise that without positive reinforcement to change my thinking towards a basis in Natrualism, I'm just not going to head in the direction that I want. Especially since most if not all the people I deal with in my 'real' life on a daily basis (apart from my young children) have Theistic views. So I'm really keen to set up positive feedback loops on here, to help me change my neural connections.
Alice :)

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