A few weeks back I posted a blog about this event. I just spotted this on Hemant Mehta's blog.


Last night (Friday, 20th of April) PBS broadcast a segment, "Godless Chaplains" with some great interviews and some footage of the festival/rally (I even have a short cameo @ 8:35 or so, …yes the camera does add pounds!). 

Watch Godless Chaplains on PBS. 


Last Wednesday we had a very well attended meeting of FACT, our first official meeting since Reason Rally, Bro' Sam Singleton Show and Rock Beyond Belief. (Find freethinkers near you on MeetUp!)


Steven Hewett gave a very passionate speech about how we must continue to press the issue of the Military's own abuse of the Constitution that all (including the "brass") swear an oath to defend "against all enemies foreign and domestic". He addressed much of what he posted on his FaceBook page (go there! …"Like" and read it!).


Just because Rock Beyond Belief is over at Ft. Bragg, it does not mean its over!

We now must push our military’s command structure to overturn regulations that hinder our brothers in arms from meeting as a recognized group on military installations.

We as civilians, former military and active duty need to start a writing campaign to our military commanders in the pentagon and members of congress to change chaplain regulations that forbid Atheists from meeting on and using base facilities as a recognized group.

Sgt. Griffith can only do so much pushing due to restrictive military regulations on active duty soldiers. However, those of us who are untouchable by the military such as former soldiers and American citizens can become the voice for those are not being heard.

These soldiers are NOT second class soldiers, they serve and die for us so we may be free. Their sacrifices are no less than those soldiers who profess some type of faith. Sgt. Tillman a Special Forces soldier stationed at FOB Chapman, Afghanistan was just one of those Atheist soldiers who gave his life for his country. Let us not allow his ultimate sacrifice be in vain, nor those of other soldiers!

If the Veterans Administration can recognize Atheism on our tombstones, it is time the military stops the discrimination of atheist soldiers who serve!

Join me in a continued letter writing campaign in getting this discriminatory practiced overturned. We will WIN!

~ Steven Hewett


Please show your support (civilians welcome!):


Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers

American Atheists/Military

Military Atheists and Secular Humanists (MASH)




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