Ron Paul seems to be a true libertarian and he's been on my radar quite a bit.  He's short on backing and he's pretty tall for a short man.  He certainly, in my opinion, has a chance if people get to know who he is.  We are not responding as Republicans or Democrats however, or making political choices, we're responding to the pronounced theist presence emerging square in our face from the current list of candidates.  The fact that the President has a total of 14 Christmas trees and is having a Chanukah party says nothing about his ability to run the country.  But Perry went overboard and should be vilified by all.  His latest commercial says he's going to fight against Obama for Obama's war on religion and that he's proud to be Christian running for office.  Once again, another theist proclaiming superiority vilifying anybody perceived to be different, even attacking a President who is obviously a theist.  It would be nice to have campaigns run on facts that pertain to the well being of our nation and each individual.  It’s amazing how thoughtless our politicians truly are.  At dinner last night I had a discussion with a very bright individual who is a libertarian.  The night was spent discussing how many times over the last 2 weeks our rights of Americans as put forth in the constitution and the bill of rights have been trampled upon.  Interestingly enough, we don't have a single defender in office hitting on the important documentation that this country was based and founded on.  If there is a party it should be the American party, and candidates discussing how our inalienable rights have been dismissed and how we must seek a candidate who's focus is to restore those rights.  The labels we use are nothing more than excuses that we hide behind to define our world and protect us.  We must step outside of the mundane methodology and standards used by Republicans, Democrats, and Independent to define their ideological differences.  Unions vs. the rich, small businessmen fend for themselves while civil servants are guaranteed salary and a lifetime pension with less work, lower risk, and greater benefits.  Our ever-shrinking middle class is just one manifestation of how socialism has crawled into our framework. How can you call yourself an American when you put our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the basis of our society, on hold and redefine it at will? Your thoughts would be appreciated.  Cha

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