Computer is fun; you can browse, shop, play games, get help with anything you want, and chat with your friends. At the same time, it is also important stay safe on the Internet.

Delete old email accounts

If you have stopped using a social media site or a forum, then close your account immediately. It is very dangerous to leave your personal information out there unnecessarily.

Videos and Photos

Be wary about the photos and videos you post on social media sites. Avoid photos of your home, office, school, college, or any other place you frequent. Do not forget that once you have posted your picture online, other people may be able to view and download it; the photo may not be yours anymore.

Get an anti-virus program

Ensure that you have a good anti-virus software installed on your system and be wary of what you download or install on your PC. The AV app scans your system on a regular basis detecting and deleting viruses, worms, and other malware.

Check what is needed

Do not give out any information online just because it is asked for. Give a thought as to whether the person asking for it really needs it. When you are filling out online forms, for example to register with a site or sign up for promotions or newsletters, always provide only minimum information about you.

Direct message if it is possible

It is quite possible to send a private message or direct message on social media websites. If you are having a personal chat, this is the best option to opt unless you do not bother much about sharing your private conversation with millions of other users. Alternatively, you can send an email from a private account.

Avoid Unnecessary problems

Do not agree to meet a person that you have only met online. It may all be lies and the person may not be who they say they are.

Respecting other people’s privacy and feelings is imperative especially online. Never send personal information, photos or videos, and gossips about other people without permission of the concerned.

Look out for junk messages, links to tricky sites, and “interesting” scams that are out there to get your money. Simply ignore such links, do not reply, and do not give out your details.

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