Science in the Quran: A Myth debunked 1 of ?

Looking through my rss feeds today i found a video interview of Alfred Kröner (via AtheistMedia)

This video reminded me of my own "research" into that field a few years ago, funnily using the same islamic site. I started mailing scientists and got some responses.
If there is some interest (please do comment) i might actually post those mails with their responses and some notes about the supposed Islamic claims in a small series.

The only point where my "research" differs from Kröner's statements is when it comes to the agenda of the conferences that were held in the 70s and 80s. As far as I understood they actually had the goal to declare a compatibility between Islam and Science in order to combat the notion that the religion would be old-fashioned and wrong. I was told that many a cleric feared the youth would abandon it and turn to science including of course then also turning to a more western life style.

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