This is a huge topic, I know. But it concerns us all to be armed with knowledge and converging arguments that will aid in our ability to defend science.

Science, as a progressive body of knowledge, reworks its findings, and distributes its discoveries to our society through its innovations and fundamental understanding. There is a reason inventions such as internal combustion engines, the telephone, satellite imaging and electricity were not assembled until just these last few hundred years. It took the body of knowledge and method of questioning we call science to gather up its profound ability to design them. And it took the progression of resource capabilities and fabrication to develop and distribute them.

We all know this story, because we all have studied the many facets of the scientific world through our own personal inquiries. It seems natural that one discovery led to another, and another and so on. Isaac Newton did not comprehend the nature of light instantaneously. It took years to develop a way to measure and describe it mathematically. And even then, it was not a complete picture on the behavior of light. It took another 200 years for men like Max Planck and Albert Einstein to refine and add to Newton’s calculations and observations.

So we are aware of the presence of these miraculous breakthroughs. And the process that was required for their eventual fruition. They are the cornerstones of our society.

All of the aforementioned technologies, and many others, are widely used and acknowledged as scientific discoveries. The predecessors of each of them continue to be supplanted by new improvements. They are everywhere in our world.

So why can’t the proponents of paranormal phenomena and ESP powers realize one thing: if these were real naturally occurring events, wouldn’t they be as prevalent as these other technologies and innovations? Wouldn’t ESP be a widely accepted method for "real" healing and "real" police investigation? Wouldn’t psychics and mind readers be assisting the entire planet with further innovations?

These pro-paranormal people lack the basic comprehension that if this stuff were really happening then by now its understanding and discovery would be well established in our world. You need only look at the discoveries of science to know that the smallest minutest forces of nature have been detected under the intense scrutiny and observation of the scientific method.

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