Search For Alien Life Gets Serious - FINALLY!

First off, it would be rather iggnorant to think that in all the vast reaches the entire Universe that we Earth dwellers are alone and/or the highest form of life. My personal belifs are that there should be at least some other planet that is still sustaining life on it. If it happend here on Earth, why can't it happen elsewhere?

ON THE TOPIC OF HOSTILITY WITH/FROM OTHER WORLDLY LIFEFORMS: the number 1 rule to remember is show that you are not hostile and want to be friends. I believe that they'd be scared of us too. I mean, they would be on a foreign planet with foreign forms of inteligent life... culture shock alone could make any being a little defensive. Maybe if were good hosts they'll teach us about space travel or help us find a new home world WHEN our planet dies? I'd give shelter to a person from another planet, I may nothave much but it's better than being out in the elements right? Plus I think Universal Peace should be a #1 priority. However, this is not to say we should bow to anyone. My policy with invaders is a generalized one, this goes for local and foreign invanders too: IF YOU WANT TO OVERTAKE MY LAND, YOU HAVE TO KILL ME FIRST! But as long as their peaceful vistors or have no other place to go, I'm cool with them if their cool with me. ;D

The Catholic Church has been observing the cosmos as well and even they say: "Treat Aliens as brothers" which in the grand sceme of things... isn't that how we should all treat one another? Many people of faith say that even if other inteligent beings were discovered and our races/walks of life met that their belifs wouldn't be effected. Personally, why would their belifs be questioned then? THEY NEVER QUESTION THEM OTHERWISE!

What are your thoughts/opinions on this subject if any?


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Comment by Jim DePaulo on March 2, 2010 at 8:37am
What if the aliens looked like a glob of spaghetti and they made their god in their own image?
In reality the only way we are currently searching for intelligent life is by means of attempting to intercept broadcast radio/TV/radar signals. If the ET's technology parallels our own then we have only about a 150-200 year window to accomplish any contact.
One hundred and thirteen years ago in 1897 the British Marconi Radio Company began blasting radio transmissions into space for any little green or gray ET's (or very tall blue ones) who might be searching the skies for an intelligent signal. The company was only trying to reach ships at sea but here was no directionality to their broadcasts so off into space it went. Since that time we have been blasting away, advertising our presences to any alien civilization who might be interested or capably.
We listen as well for radio transmissions, television signals even radar emissions. However, the window of opportunity for finding any of the above transmissions may be very narrow.
In the past, TV and radio programs were broadcast from giant ground stations that blasted out signals at thousands of watts. These could be detected with relative ease across many parsecs of space.
Today a large percent of TV and radio programs (if not the majority) are transmitted from satellites that only pump out around 75 watts and are pointing at Earth, rather than into space. Cable and fiber optics link ground stations bypassing broadcast transmission. Within a few decades, maybe around 2050, there will be little to no high wattage broadcasts.
So within 150 -200 years our high power broadcast window to the universe may have opened and closed.
All of this assumes the ET's are at the same level of technology as we and are currently broadcasting and receiving - highly unlikely.
Comment by Lorien on March 1, 2010 at 9:40pm
To master space travel doesn't mean they would have found our little planet.

Yes, I wish they would too to get rid of the theism on this planet. But we would be very primitive to them.
Comment by Rusty Gunn. on March 1, 2010 at 9:00pm
If they'd mastered space travel they'd have already been here and there is sparse evidence to support that. In all likelihood there never will be travel across galaxies much less between galaxies. I don't think we have anything to fear from them but DAMMIT to hell I wish we could establish contact. That'd sure as hell put a crimp into a lot of theologies on this planet.
Comment by Lorien on March 1, 2010 at 4:14pm
Jim, they would be atheists.
Comment by Lorien on March 1, 2010 at 4:13pm
Their lifeforms would be completely alien to ours. Their "DNA" type molecules would most likely be different and their appearance would certainly be much different. Life is inevitable where conditions are right. Now for them to find us over the vast distances involved in space would make them much more advanced than we can imagine. It is highly unlikely they have visited us.

Have you seen the movie "The Day the Eath Stood Still" both the original and the remake? The remake is actually more plausible a scenario. Life sustaining planets are rare and we are insignificant.



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