Season't Grettings, feel free to share with Christians

Season's Greetings, by Darrel Ray
In this holiday season, when the "War on Christmas" is so loudly proclaimed, we should all reflect on the history of Christmas in the US and recall that the Puritans outlawed Christmas. They rightly argued that virtually all of the traditions and artifacts, even the date of Christmas were all taken from the Pagans by the Papists (Catholics) and therefore should not be used or celebrated by Christians. They were entirely correct. As a secularist, I have no qualms with Christians using a Pagan holiday. I only ask that they honestly acknowledge that what they celebrate as Christmas was originally a war on the Pagan Winter Solstice. The Christians thought they won the war by incorporating Pagan ideas and artifacts. What actually happened was more interesting. They inadvertently preserved pagan culture. That culture today provides a basis for non-Christian celebration of the shortest day of the year and beginning of the solar blessings that leads to the renewed bounty of nature. Pagan's were celebrating the cycles of nature without knowing why these cycles occur. Scientific secularists now know the Reasons for the Seasons and can celebrate with knowledge and wisdom. We rightfully inherit the wisdom of the Pagans. Through simple observation, Pagans knew the importance of the Sun in perpetuating life. We now know that the Sun is the giver of all life and can celebrate with joy our increased scientific knowledge with each passing of the Solstice. We welcome Christians, to one of the oldest of human celebrations. As newcomers, you have a lot to learn about astronomy, microbiology, psychology, physics and all the areas of knowledge that make life so much more healthy and enriching than it was in the past. We hope that some day you will join us in thanking and praising the many scientists and inventors who made your life livable and healthy. Many of you would be unhealthy, crippled or even dead today, were it not for the many scientists who often risked reputation, even life to defy Christian dogma and save humanity from its dark religious past and the primitive ideas about disease, medicine, sexuality, astronomy, physics, etc. If you wish to catch up by next Solstice, you might take one or more courses on evolutionary biology, astrophysics, history of science, psychology of religion or something else of a similar nature and join us next year to celebrate another year in the advancement of human knowledge.
Happy Winter's Solstice

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