This came in last week. It shows why we are so committed to the Secular Therapist Project.

"Dr. Ray, I just wanted thank you for creating the Secular Therapy Project. About 12-16 months ago, I began looking for a therapist, and I wanted to find someone secular and/or nontheistic, but it was pretty much impossible to find a therapist or psychologist that emphasized evidence based methods in their
treatment style. Every therapist or psychologist website I found in my area always had something spiritual on it, or they used new age philosophies, or they believed in "energy healing" or "chi gong" or they were just plain religious and wanted to counsel people using Christian methods. The only website I found that was similar was a website for non-theistic therapists in Canada, but that didn't do me much good, I live in Colorado. And your website didn't even exist then. Well I'm glad I decided to a try again, because in the 6 to 12 months between finding the site in Canada and nothing at all in America, your site suddenly existed. I am happy to report that through your site I found a therapist within driving distance of the city I live in that uses CBT and evidence based methods, and he himself has also gone through the transition from believer to nonbeliever, and it is working out that we are good fit to work together and I am finally getting the help that I need. So I wanted to thank you again for creating this as a resource to match clients such as myself with these kinds of needs with therapists that offer these methods."

I hope you will tell your secular friends about this website. If you, or anyone you know, wants mental health services from a secular therapist, look at this website first. We now have 76 registered therapists with many more to come.

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Comment by Earther on November 7, 2012 at 7:55pm

I'm glad you found something.  It is still hard to believe available therapist who do not use religion as a ground are difficult to find.



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