As youve seen from  my profile Im a volunteer coordinator in Honduras and Im going a little nuts at the moment. One of our project schools painted over a painting of Jesus and cut down the daily prayer time from 5 times a week to the minimun permited by law here, once a week, 1 to 10 minutes. Great you say! Well since the makeover and prayer cuts was my idea, I would have to agree. However,three of our volunteers, who seems have a personal connection to bronze age mythologies left us after they watched the secular make over. Bottom line, Ive been scrambling trying to get volunteers to fill the vacuum left by the walkaways while I work on a science curriculum that deletes the whole creation crap. Anyone has any ideas on this? Any volunteer groups here? Anyway, back to Skype interviewing. Charlie, Global English Mentors

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Comment by Charlie K on February 5, 2014 at 9:03am

Randall, I know, even when I swim diagonally it gets sooo tiresome at times, but someone has to do it. ; ) The alternatives are simply not acceptable, hehe. In the future, we were thinking of running some kind of medical fair in the community, we have a few doctors that have agreed on principle to participate, perhaps we{ll reach out to the hills then and ask...cant hurt. Thanks for the input, Cordially. Charlie

Comment by Randall Smith on February 5, 2014 at 8:26am

I have a daughter and SIL living in Teguc., but I doubt if they would be of any help. They run a church-led medical clinic up in the "hills" (Valerie is an optometrist.). You're battling a rip tide, you know. Good luck.



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