Seeking 1000 New Plaintiffs in Newdow vs Roberts Inaugural Case


Atheists United is proud to be among the first organizations to join as a plaintiff in Newdow vs. Roberts which seeks to remove references to religion from the Presidential Inauguration ceremony. Michael Newdow is looking for 1000 new plaintiffs in the case. If you are interested in becoming one of them, read his message below:

From Michael Newdow:

“Although many think that the inaugural lawsuit was lost, it was anything but. We merely lost a preliminary injunction motion, which was expected from the outset. In a couple years, the case will eventually get to the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, where I have every intention of prevailing.

“Along those lines, I am now trying to demonstrate (for the future appellate judges) that this isn't the quest of some isolated individuals, but a notion that many godless Americans find important. To do so, we're trying to get 1,000 new plaintiffs by this coming weekend.”

To sign up, go to:

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