right now i am going through some tough emotional issues, i'll spare you the details..but when i do relay some of my troubles to friends and aquaintences i get :

" well just pray about it", or "have you read the dalai lama, it helped me" or even, "you need to send positive energy to cast out the negative"

i am a goddamn atheist! none of that shit worked for me when i did attempt to believe in something, why do you think it will work now? if they werent good people that i respected, i would just say "fuck you AND your imaginary friend!" but i cant obviously...

so, i've tried searching online and on amazon for some sort of book for non-believers who need a bit of encouragement or something to get through tough times or down periods and i cant wade through all the woo-woo books to find anything remotely what i am looking for. even though i have insurance, its been tough finding affordable outpatient therapy (i work for a living and get money taken out of my pay for premiums, however the co-pays for specialist care every week would wreck my budget as is)

any suggestions? thanks for your time.

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Comment by Prog Rock Girl on August 22, 2010 at 8:02am
I agree with Bill about self-help. It is mostly a collection of various far-fetched ideas, each one purporting to be THE answer to how to live, in all situations. (I'm not a big fan of people's advice either.) Most of them I either get furious when reading (the Surrendered Wife, Emotional Infidelity), or just have a good laugh.

Although, you could also write your own secular self-help book! (Chicken Soup for the Atheist's Soul?!)



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