Islam, Judaism and Christianity - are maybe NOT proof that God exists, but certainly suggest that if he does he has a WICKED sense of humour! :-)

Earlier this week I, an innocent atheist of very long standing joined the Nexus community. In a fit of exuberance I posted something I thought funny, on what I thought was my blog.(i.e. here )which being 'my' blog i fondly imagined was supposed to represent what I was thinking or feeling - and sometimes I think and feel whole series of paragraphs, and sometimes the absurdity of religion strikes me in a single sentence.

Imagine my bemusement to find that this attracted the ire of two members of Nexus. All the rest who were kind enough to read anything I wrote were also generous enough to welcome me. It would seem that Nexus is home to some few folk who carry over what I had always thought to be primarily attitudes found amongst the faith-deluded, namely a desire to punish, chastise and generally lay down the law, as soon as they spot something that offends them? READ THE RULES is just like those in religious circles who quote the Bible in every breath, without giving a moment's thought to how that would put off (or put down) a new member in his or her first days?

One of these members also seems to think having his name upside down is somehow idiosyncratically cute? I thought we were all here to enjoy ourselves and be free thinkers but sadly the element which fears the world will end if any rule is transgressed, no matter how accidentally or innocently and sees it as their duty to be a guardian of orthodoxy still carries these attitudes over from faith to freethinking?

If this is what the forum is about then maybe we need to take stock of how we got here?

There is that long enough for those who judge a blog by its length not its content?

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Comment by Douglas Allchin on June 30, 2010 at 3:01am
Comment by Douglas Allchin on June 26, 2010 at 12:17pm
I merely responded to a comment about my comment! As for 'twitter twits' it's sad to see that your comment shows that the desire to control the thoughts and actions of others is alive and well here too? This was 'my' blog on which I commented.. so what's this about 'front page'? I am a newcomer here, if I have somehow unwittingly fallen from grace vis a vis site rules then maybe there are better ways to encourage rather than this vitriol? Are you perchance a born again atheist who still has that violence and desire to lay down eternal law to others?

The upside down name may indicate upside down thinking, or just a desire to get noticed?



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