SERIOUS QUESTION: "Could Science Make Use Of Our Naturally Produced Chemicals To Better Our Planet?"

Well I'd like to state first off that I am NOT superman and am NOT trying to lie about any of this. What would I gain from any of it anyways? However, a recent Blog/Forum post got me thinking and I guess I should share this with you all *at least* because... well, I don't think anyone has seriously thought about this yet. I've kept this little talent of mine to myself ever since I learned I had it because I felt weird and personally thought it was stupid. However, after a talk with my cousin a few weeks ago I saw that hardly anyone took this idea seriously... WHY NOT USE THE HUMAN BODIES NATRUAL INHANCEMENTS TO BETTER HUMAN KIND?!
To start off in case not everyone knows *or remembers* their high school biology classes: I am trying to simulate a natural instinctive reaction to fear or distress called "Fight Or Flight" in which adrenaline surges throughout the body in increased rates thus, heightening our senses and making us *for a time* stronger/faster than normal. This helps humans and animals alike to both, run away from danger or stand our ground and fight what/whoever the threat maybe. The only drawback is that with the increase of adrenaline, your heart-rate will increase as well and may result in Cardiac Arrest. Also known as a "Heart Attack" to most but, I found a little loophole in this sceme. It's quite dangerous and I do not suggest or support researching this on yourself but.... I've found that by keeping your mind in a state of distress *on purpose by thinking of something that personally scares or angers you to an extreme point* fighting, running, working, swimming, ect... become quite easy. Now you may think this is just for sport but, my theory ranges MUCH HIGHER than that. I believe that if there was a way to both increase our natural senses and keep our heart-rate steady, mankind could do more by hand and thus save more natrual resources. Even if only a select group of people can/want to then, there should be no worries in a fist fight or in case or swift evacuation.
It's hard to do but, I can sometimes trigger this at will. Rarely do I try and I can't even say WHY I wanted to in the first place... it's nothing too special either, after about 35 Minutes the full effect starts to decrease rapidly and within 1 Hour and 7 Minutes I personally have to stop completely otherwise my life will be in grave danger. I had a friend time me once while I ran 5 laps around a high school track field *never knew I could do that* and then practice martial arts *self taught, nothing too fancy but still works* on a punching bag. All and all I lasted just a few minutes over 1 Hour. I'm not in tip-top shape either, adverage activity and the only thing different about me than most my age is I have a broader chest *Half-German* and a bit more Upper Body strength. My height is normal for a 17 Year old *6 feet tall or more* and my weight makes me a bit chubby *last check was in January 2009 and I was 254 Pounds but, I've lost more now*
In conclusion, a normal person can preform better than "the in shape" people by harnessing the bodies own natural drugs. Likewise, the chemicals that naturally effect your mind are much better than any street drug and better for you. I think modern Science should look into the theory of using chemicals our bodies already produce and finding new ways to trigger and use them possitively to better the lives of all living creatures. BUT! EVERYTHING in MODERATION mind you "Dr. Stein" types...

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Comment by Michelle Hutton on October 1, 2009 at 12:40am
So far as I know, Epinephrine or Adrenaline which is the chemical released during those "flight or fight" moments, is widely used for various medical applications. Now I am by no means a doctor but I can think of several problems with prolonging the epinephrine running through our systems. Increasing certain blood vessels to allow the extra blood (that your quickened heart is pumping to your brain) could limit the amount of blood to your outer extremities if over an extended period of time. Heart stress, and eventual cardiac arrest, which you already commented on, Hypertension, etc. But this could effect multiple conditions people might have other than heart problems, blood pressure being the first to come to mind.

Aside from the heart and blood, it would effect every muscle in your body. Which a lot of people don't have an accurate account of when in such moments. We've all heard of the "grandmother lifting the train," etc. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Yes you are stronger, faster, and generally more superman. But you also run the risk of not understanding what your body is actually capable of thus tearing muscles, tendons, etc. And you could, theoretically, render yourself paralyzed.

Epinephrine also elevates the blood sugar level by increasing catabolism of glycogen to glucose in the liver and has a suppressive effect on the immune system. So there are obvious possibilities of complications with both of those. The mental stress factor, over prolonged periods could also have serious psychological dangers in and of itself.

Now all that being said and including the "Everything in moderation" moto, I agree to a certain extent, and do believe it warrants further study. Especially into something more than just the common uses it holds now. It is indeed a hormone that holds many possibilities.

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