Obviously, I had made an exit from Atheist Nexus. I feel that I need to explain why it was okay for me to spend my time on other social sites, yet avoid this one like a plague.

My daughter's father had decided to attempt to get custody of our child. In most rational minds this would be impossible, as he had been absent for over 10 years of her life. BUT! He took the case to Michigan. I had lived in Michigan the year before he attempted custody. Here's where it gets a bit ugly. Apparently, being an atheist can severely affect the outcome of the custody case in Michigan. It was insane. Yes, Michigan uses religious arguments in regards to custody of children. Fortunately, in the end, the judge dismissed the case because Michigan no longer had jurisdiction over me or my daughter. During the entire course of this custody attempt, I had to distance myself from any atheist connections. It seems that Michigan Courts were just fine with the fact that the father was a deadbeat, drunken, abusive, absentee father.. but the mother's an atheist!! OMG!

My favorite part of the mess was when I was asked by a counselor "what religious preference does your child have?" I tried to explain that she hasn't made up her mind yet, I was then asked if she believed in God. I said yes, so the counselor said "good she's christian then." I was so angry with that assumption. I then pointed out that she also believes in dragons, so I think that qualifies her as a pagan as well. Fortunately the counselor had a good sense of humor, and he put down that my daughter has no religious preference.

Freedom of religion, but never freedom from religion I guess.

I am happy to say that I'm now under Kentucky Jurisdiction, and Kentucky Family Court does not include any religious biases. They do take into account deadbeat, drunken, abusive, and absentee behaviors. So now the tables are turned.

I hope to be on here more frequently!!

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Comment by Jim DePaulo on September 18, 2010 at 4:14pm
I'm surprised that someone hasn't taken that to the SCOTUS. The idea that a court would allow a deadbeat, abusive drunk over a over a stable Atheist home to even be considered because he's a Xtian puts logical and common sense jurisprudence in serious question.......WTF is wrong with those people.
Comment by Jennie on September 16, 2010 at 11:33pm
The irony is that I found less religious fanatics in Michigan. Where I grew up it's primarily agnostic and atheists. I'd never seen a mega church in Michigan. When I moved here I found far more religious people. I was shocked to find that Kentucky had a more reasonable standpoint on the situation.



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