Speaking with God seems to be quite common among religionists. It would seem that in these conversations the directions for solving world hunger, curing cancer and a host of other diseases might be a topic, instead of new ways to bilk Barnum's favorite group.

With that type of connection, it would seem that God might at least pass along a few hints and tips about parting waters or stopping the sun so we could have daylight longer and work 24 hours to catch up on the bills. Of course, the conversation presents an excellent opportunity to appeal for global assistance; if not, knowing the number of the day would make it a valuable encounter.

With the amount of aural hallucinations, psychiatrists offices might not handle such a heavy load, but that will not happen as no one sees anything strange in talking to invisible beings as long as it is God. The homeless guy cursing the air is crazy because everyone knows there is no one there. At least that is the common thought.

Pookas gather no dust on their Celtic shoes because there are plenty of people to talk with and no one has a problem with that as long as it stays in the movie house or on the stage. Perhaps, this is not the correct way to view it, but it gets a little tiring that those with connections forget how much assistance they could provide.

Wait a second, a hot idea just shot past. What about gathering up all the faith healers for a world tour? No. Just the expense for the powder blue leisure suits and white belts would stop the mission of mercy before it started. Make-believe is fun for children, but it's luster fades in adulthood where talking to invisible people could end institutional capture.

Hmmmm! Not a bad idea.

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