She Made Me Do It:

Stories of Dominant Women and Their Playthings

Six dominant women torment men who live for the thrill of confessing, “She made me do it!”

Lorraine the librarian initiates a shy bookworm into the joys of the ‘dark side.’ Her favorite stud appears in time to put icing on the pie, er, cake… Carla marries for money and sleeps around for sport. A high school classmate who disappointed her in bed now writes songs for a living and she makes him an unforgettable deal: write a hit song about being “bad in bed” and she’ll give him the night of his dreams… Madison is dressed in her ‘slut gear’ and drinking in a bar when a patron collapses. She bewitches one of the arriving paramedics and soon tests his newfound loyalty to her by showing up at his mom’s home dressed the same way… Angie is an insatiable sexual athlete. Her husband cannot keep up, so she turns to his friend to help save her marriage… Kit devotes her college life to boys and booze. She calls a favorite ex- whenever she needs a strange sexual favor… Spoolie is a blonde with DDs who tends goal for a local rugby team. She lures an obsessed photographer to her van and teaches him the true meaning of ‘ruck me, maul me, make me scrum’…

You know you yearn for their domination, and they know it too.

[The 'product description' of my new collection of sexy stories. It captures the flavor nicely, I think.]

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