Shutting Down the White House Office of Faith Based Initiatives

I started a petition to close the Office of Faith Based Initiatives and would really appreciate any and all signers:


The body of the petition reads:


Federal intrusion into religious institutions has crossed the line too many
times. The First Amendment to the Constititution clearly states "Congress shall
make no law respecting the establishment of Religion". The Bush Administration
established the Office of Faith Based initiatives clearly violating this
Constititional requirement. The Obama Administration continues to violate all
Americans 1st Amendment rights by keepiing this Office open. The Congress
continues to give grants, loans, and subsidies to states who turn around and
give OUR TAX MONEY to religious organizations in VIOLATION OF THE FIRST
AMENDMENT. It's high time to GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF RELIGION. I call on your
Administration, President Obama, to end the subsidization of religion which is
allowed to discriminate with tax$

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Comment by G T Bud Martin on October 14, 2016 at 7:05am

The address returns 404.

Comment by Cane Kostovski on September 29, 2011 at 12:43am
I just signed and I am number 20. I am scared that such an important petition may not make it as a serious opposition to crap like the Office of Faith Based Initiatives
Comment by Michael Barber on September 27, 2011 at 8:44am
Thank you Loren, Steph and Ken.  PLease pass along to all of your atheist friends.  I only have until the middle of October to get 5000 signatures for this petition to be considered by the White House. :)
Comment by Loren Miller on September 27, 2011 at 6:27am

Signed and gladly so.

The second I heard about Dubya's faith-based initiatives, I was angry.  It's bad enough that school vouchers take public monies to use on private and mostly church-sponsored schools, but this was beyond blatant.  Let's get rid of it NOW.

Comment by Ken Jackson on September 26, 2011 at 10:58pm

It's well past time!  It should not have been allowed in the beginning, something Herr George and all the Reich Wing Bible Thumpers wanted...    Every time a pastor opens his mouth on something about the government it should cost him  a month's  of absolutely no tax exemption for anything..  These people believe that they have divine right to call the shots and from my interpretation of the Constitution, they have absolutely NO rights.    One of these days I will explain my total hatred of all religions.  They claim good but it is all about total control.  Has been since the beginning of time and the only way we are going to stop it is to make sure that all the superstitions are totally discredited.  If they cannot prove a fable or myth, then it should be relegated to the dust bin of fallacies...

Don't get me started, I switch to talking like a Chief when I am to the point of going round the bend....   I was treated rather badly for non belief as a child and there was NO sparing the rod and this child has never forgotten it nor will I, my wife is a xtian, we do not talk religion, she knows that I do NOT use their book as my guide for my ethics and behavior.  I got married in her church although I had to hold my nose to do so..  I have NOT been back since and the pastor and his idiots know that they are not welcome under my roof in any religious capacity...   I believe that society has enough rules to live by without using fables, superstition, and violence.  I have made a deal with the Churches, You keep your religion and churches out of my life and I will stay totally away from your churches, ideas, hypocrisy, and two faced idiocy...  


Just this old Chief's 2 cents....   Oh and for those 20 years in the Service everytime I re-enlisted, I had my BlueJackets Manual as my swearing tool and my oath ended without the "So Help Me God" phrase.  Chaplains walked a block around just so they wouldn't have to talk to me.. 



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