Has anyone ever changed their screenname?
I've decided that I'm too old to be a punker anymore.
I was listening to an old CD and instead of rocking me to the core, it just gave me the jitters.
Forget about those tight jeans. I'll never give up faded denim, but when your flab sags out of those cute little bare patches and over the top of your fly, it's over, people. And there is no antithesis to gracefully growing grey like a shiny leather jacket festooned with chrome.
And all that booze I used to put away - I have no idea how I survived that (still luv my cocktails, but just not so much)! Forget about all of those other drugs - I'd have to buy a wheeled walker or a wheelchair before I'd try that again.
And how about those wild all-nighters where, all of the sudden, I realized that it's already getting light outside? Now I have all-night bouts of insomnia: "Fuck! It's getting light outside, I'm still dog tired, and pretty soon I'm gonna have to get up and take care of the kids!"
I'll never give up my abrasive boorishness. And I'll never grow tired of shocking the shit out of some little sunday school teacher with some forbidden remark. There will always be another raunchy T-shirt that I can still wear with pride. And I still follow my fav. punkers and check out any new stuff.
But I've known for some time that it's long past time to pass the torch.
So, I'm trying to think of a more fitting screenname ...

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Comment by HotMess on March 25, 2009 at 5:29pm
I don't think you realize how old I am. I think the only "punkers" that are older than me would be the guys from the Clash and the Ramones (never thought of the Ramones as all that punk - too commercial for me) and half of them are dead! I'll check out BR and see if I'm not to decrepit to fit in ...
Comment by zeeman barzell on March 25, 2009 at 11:57am
Remember "Punx not dead!!"?....well it is. It died in the 90s. Now some look-a-likes are wearing the costumes and the hair gel. Punk is like Lassie, yeah, the dog. Lassie died, so they found some other Collies to run around and answer to the name Lassie, but the real Lassie was gone. In the 80s, we really had to be creative to come up with some of the (now admittedly) stupid outfits we all wore to school. Now you can go to the one-stop punk shop in the mall and come out looking like Sid Vicious or Siouxsie Sioux. Funny, but sad.

Just because you don't want to drink until dawn and now have adult responsibilities doesn't mean you don't have those punk rock sensibilities, it just means you grew up. You can still listen to Bad Religion. It's ok. You can even join the group Bad Religion with the rest of us old punkers in our punk rocking chairs.
You should transition with the screen name "the atheist formerly known as Cowpunk62" until you come up with something clever and...um...I guess, more mature.



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