I wonder sometimes what I look like to others.  I especially wonder what I look like to others after it is known that I am an atheist (nontheist); to me atheist and nontheist is the same thing. 


 Has my posture changed, do I look stronger or weaker?  Of course this question can never be answered because everyone has their own opinion.  As long as one walks with the idea of "be kind to yourself and be kind to others" you might have a goal for life.  I guess self evaluation will always be a focus on health to continue a long and happy life style. 


 The skill is to walk through life knowing how to make the next uninhibited step to a healthy choice.  We all need to plan.  Its like a relentless reminder to us when we wake up in the morning, "what am I going to do, what do I have to do, what do I want to do".  When you stop planning for yourself the world plans for you. 


 So, how can I plan for myself enough to meet my needs?  When I wonder what I look like can I think-"I look like man with a plan to be strong, happy, healthy and smart"?  Can we all answer this for ourselves? 


We are in this world where obsticals pile in front of us, wether it is religious propaganda or ignorant attacks on our character, we will encounter an obstical.  Still, we have to be healthy to stay healthy.  We need to craft ourselves a life that is supportive and kind to us.  There is no walls that are high enough to keep out all terror, terror that we must face, terror that will even come from ourselves. 


There are some things in life we must except, our lives the way we have it.  Some things that help me except in my life is to sit by the water and listening to the trickle and flow of a river or stream or a summer night that is filled with the songs of tree frogs and Whip-poor-will, that is soothing.  I like to listen to the waves crash to shore or even the sounds of people enjoying a night out at the restaurant.  These moments are fleeting moments that help change and heal my being. 


As we are all somehow dealing with life, remember we all have to live it too.

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Comment by paul babcock on February 22, 2011 at 5:15am
Well , you know your halo definetly disappears when one becomes an atheist. However, since it is invisible, I doubt anyone can tell.
Comment by Earther on February 21, 2011 at 5:57pm

Cliff, just don't let yourself believe what they believe about you if it negative.



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