When explaining biblical contradiction Christian apologists and their explanations range from the sublime to the ridiculous. An apologist is a defender of the faith, the person that explains the unexplainable, that makes sense out of nonsense and guards a door with no house.

The best write concise and lucid prose cloaked by an illusion of reason and logic. As the biblical terrain becomes more difficult, the apologist's explanations have more twists and turns than a Robert Ludlum story.

Such tortured bending and stretching of minutia leads to pinched frowns and up turned noses like noticing a bad smell.

The call of faith is powerful, making the blind belief of Christian adherents at least understandable, but apologists are usually highly educated in some fashion making it difficult to comprehend how the cognitive dissonance does not overwhelm them. Religious aspirations usually drop with extensive education. Yet, apologists apparently can ignore, pretend or reject obvious errors and contradictions without feeling bothered in the least.

It is surprising with amount of information available today that anyone could use such convoluted thinking to shore up a book at the root of the Crusades, the Inquisition and the Dark Ages.

At some point, the intellectual dishonesty must be overwhelming. On the other hand, maybe not, as some people develop immunity to reality without any awareness of anything outside their confines.

Sadly, the apologist becomes a maker of excuses, master of obfuscation and promoter of ancient ignorance. Part of the problem lies with the insistence of biblical inerrancy. It is impossible to take the Bible literally without putting the Christian apologist in a nearby indefensible position.

For the Christian apologist, the dissonance must be deafening; if not, then they represent a clear and present danger to rational thought.

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