Simon Singh is charming! Er, appealing!

Apparently I went to bed just too early last night to see the Twitterscape and blogosphere explode with the news: Simon Singh is indeed going to be appealing against the ruling in the preliminary hearing, in his legal case in which he is charged with libel by the British Chiropractic Association.


His book Trick or Treatment, co-authored with Edzard Ernst, is currently in the process of knocking my socks off (quite inconvenient and uncomfortable, actually, especially if I'm also wearing shoes at the time), and although I haven't got to the chapter on chiropractic yet, I've read the article that sparked all this controversy, and I'm becoming fairly familiar with the nature of his approach and the rigorous care with which he uses language when discussing these matters.


Read the whole thing over at Cubik's Rube. Or at least go and sign this petition. This is actually about something important.

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