Site Updated, I got Laid Off, Time to bring the Delivered From Dogma Show to You!?!

Hey all.

I just got laid off form my regular day gig, which is a mixed bag, but has given me time to update, changing the look and feel, and streamlining things quite a bit. Plus, I can do as much comedy as physically possible now, which is good.

More content is coming as quickly as I can get some of my old blogs edited and online.

If anyone knows how to get comments working in rapid-weaver, (mac web site builder program) I'd love to hear about it.

The final show of the first three DeliveredFromDogma comedy shows was a blast, we had one set of hecklers who were a bit drunk and problematic, but they turned out to be religious.

Clips are coming soon. I promise....In the mean time, enjoy some Louis CK and for more info on freethinking comics look here.

If anyone thinks they live in an area with a large enough freethinker/atheist/agnostic community to support a show let me know, and I'll be there in my beat down saturn as soon as humanly possible.

Oh, the show got a write up in the Seattle

One last thought: Religion is to morality what TacoBell is to Mexican food.

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