For me it's been an interesting week jam packed with personal atheist news. I started the week by getting into atheist podcasts. I finally did a search on atheism to fill in the void created after a movie podcast listen to disappeared. That Podcast the AMR movie show is on hiatus and will hopefully return. I really miss hearing it especially since they are politically incorrect and not afraid to bash religion. It is through them that I discovered George Carlin and Pat Condell two of my favourite atheist Gods. Getting back on topic I settled on two podcasts initially, the Secular Nation podcast and the Atheist news podcast which led me here.

At work I've had a long debate over evolution with a creationist who refuses to accept the validity of carbon dating. This discussion was triggered by the announcement in the media that Hobbits once existed. I put forward the case that this news story was further evidence of evolution and it went from there. I know that neither me nor my fellow worker will ever change our tune but it is still infuriating to know that some people will never accept scientific evidence which contradicts their world view and that there are some people will never even look at the evidence in the first place.

I finally dropped the A word in front of my mother on my 30th birthday (May 1st), she's said that she's not really happy about it, but then screw it, I put up with her being in Falun Gong. If she can't accept that this is who I am then it's her own issue and one she has to deal with. Incidentally she's been phoning more ever since and I can only assume that's because she wants to build a closer relationship and show how much of a better person she is because of her faith.

Finally a piece of bad news. My copy of the book Peter Bowler's "The true believer" now has an oily ketchup residue on a few pages after I left it in my bad with some greasy snacks. For those not in the know it's a book which looks at the absurd religious beliefs and followers that exist or existed in the past. It makes for some light entertaining reading. I haven't finished it yet but it's worth a read if you see it on sale. Not a must read but worth a look all the same.

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