So, it was not CO2, but it was Cloroflourocarbons after all!!

  Read all about it.  This paper is posted on a very useful site called PHYS.ORG.

We all knew there was another explanation.  This seems to be it.  Sell all your Carbon Credits.. No, Short Sell Carbon Credits and make a fortune!!

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Comment by Michael Penn on June 4, 2013 at 1:18pm

Al Gore and his friends will get rich using this kind of strategy. If you have money enough you can pay to get credits and you can pollute while the other guy is not able to pollute. We are then controlling pollution and getting rich at the same time. It's the American Way!

Comment by Luara on June 4, 2013 at 8:27am

The media loves this kind of story:  "You believed X!!!  But X isn't true!"  Especially if you would like to believe X is not true. 

However, the author of this study is not a climatologist, but rather a physicist.

Here is the reaction of a climatologist: 

"A number of other studies have looked at the magnitude of the likely impact of chlorofluorocarbons on changing global temperatures," Karoly told AM.

"And yes, chlorofluorocarbons are a small contributor to global warming through their role as a greenhouse gas. But, much, much smaller than the role of carbon dioxide."

In addition, Karoly says the study does not take into consideration the role of the CFC-replacing hydrofluorocarbons.

"Hydrofluorocarbons, which are used as refrigerants, have already got as large a greenhouse influence as the reductions in the chlorofluorocarbons.

And, in fact, the global warming influence of these chemicals, the hydrofluorocarbons, is already growing more rapidly than the reductions in chlorofluorocarbons," says Karoly.

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