Herman Cain: Americans Have The Right To Ban Mosques In Their Communities



This is the United States of American...

This is not Communist China, Communist North Korea, Communist Cuba, or Iran....

You cannot do this. You cannot ban a religion plain and simple.
Even though it is a Muslim place of worship, you still cannot ban it.
Sorry Religious Nut Cases.....
This isn't Burger King, you can't have it "your way."
In fact, this goes back to the early days of our country.
The letter Jefferson wrote to the Baptist church whose Episcopal neighbor church was saying that the Baptist church wasn't allowed. Hence, the letter that mentioned the old adage, of "Separation between Church and State."
No, sorry Tea Party crazies, this isn't anything new. It goes back centuries when people dreamed that they would be able to free their government from religious control, say by some old man sitting on a throne in Rome or in London.
Now all this is, is simply political rhetoric by third rate politicians playing on peoples fear and ignorance in order to get their vote.
You see, the thing is, if you start to ban Religion "A", then you can also ban Religion "B", "C", "D", and so on. You keep on banning the ones who oppose you until, yes, that's right, the religions that support you get to stay.
And then like until the American Revolution, the religions are the mouth piece of the government. If you don't believe me, then read up on the French Revolution.
Then you'll see why France is so adamant about separation between Church and State.

  Pretty interesting when a person whose been an atheist since the age of 6 defends a religion.  But having been to a place outside of Krakow Poland, called Auschwitz, you tend to get this way.

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Comment by Atheist Exile on July 17, 2011 at 8:04pm
We absolutely can't ban Islam.  But we can ban Islamism -- the political (jihad) and legal (sharia) extensions of Islam -- by strictly enforcing the First Amendment for ALL religions.  Whenever religion wants to enter the public domain (as Islam, via Islamism, is wont to do), they should be immediately shut down.

Enforcing the First Amendment means NOT making concessions (multiculturalism) to Muslims for ANY reason whatsoever.  Let's not turn into another Europe.



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