So the ladders CEO sent out this email...

The following email came to my husband this morning from 'The Ladders' CEO, he promptly unsubscribed, but now we know that 'magical thinking' is likely the reason they can't even seem to send him announcements that contain jobs in 'his' field, or even a close approximation... ladders indeed... rickety ones at best... Take a gander at this idiocy where within his little bubble, technology works like 'magic' and 'thus' equates with 'theos'!!!??? Is it any wonder the country has gone to shit with people like these at the helm?

I have pasted his nonsense below... please let others know that 'The Ladders' is likely a waste of time if you are job seeking unless you want a dash of prayer and magical thinking with your unrelated job listings and coffee in the morning...



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Area Manager - North Carolina

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Pinehurst, NC

Store Manager

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Marc's Monday Newsletter
Good Monday morning, John,

Readers, I'm a big fan of words.

Whether it's the fact that Shakespeare coined the words "manager", "employer", and "investment"; or the fact that fine, finance and finite all come from the same beginnings ("fin" meaning to end: originally as "fine", a way to end an obligation, and eventually as "finance", taking on the meaning of ending debts, and subsequently, all monetary matters).

Here's another one for you to consider this week:


"En-" means "inside" or "within".

"-iasm", like any "ism" makes a word into a noun.

And "-thus-"? That comes from the Greek word "theos" meaning "god", from which we also get monotheism and theocracy.

So one way of interpreting the meaning of "enthusiasm" would be "the spirit of god within".

And I think that's just about right, Readers. When we show enthusiasm, we're showing the proper appreciation for the wonderful world in which we live.

Whether it's the technology that really works like magic (FaceTime with the grandparents from your vacation in China? wow!), or the beauty of competition that infuses the Olympics this week, or even something as simple as your kids' Little League game, this world is an amazing place, and we should be thankful for all we've achieved here in this great land of ours.

"The spirit of god within", indeed.

So, Readers, I'd like to ask you to dig deep this week and find a way to be enthusiastic about your job hunt.

Yes, I know it's not easy. A job search is about as inspiring as a trip to the dentist or paying your taxes. But if you focus on the outcome, and your excitement for the future, and the fact that you'll soon be in a new job that you love and stretching and growing yourself in ways that your current or past position did not allow…

If you focus on that, isn't that worth being enthusiastic about?

Have a wonderful week, Readers.

I'll be rooting for you,

Marc Cenedella

Marc Cenedella, CEO & Founder
TheLadders Twitter You should follow me on Twitter: @cenedella

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