So who has some time to kill? (Substance dualism) (This would make a great episode of the podcast btw)

Ok so here's the deal. I made a topic on whether or not the soul exists on another message board. I got a guy that suggested I read his page.

Here's a link to a possibly updated page, )you can type it into Google, minus the HTTP// part, then click cached, to view the old copy I looked at if he does update it.)

Ok so before you read on, go to that link and read his essay thing. I'd love to hear any arguments against his arguments, or comments on his essay in general. I would absolutely love a detailed deconstruction of his essay if you have the knowledge to pull one off.

So I read it, and while I was reading I recorded these. Here's where the time comes in. My objections are over 2 hours long...

Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-
Part 4-
Part 5-
Part 6-
Part 7-

So there's that. The author of the paper replied to my replies in a 40 minute audio clip you can listen to here:

Ok so there's that. Again, I'd love to hear objections to his, or even my replies.

So, I listened to his reply, and recorded my reply to his reply, but I haven't uploaded them yet, and I'm not completely sure I'll upload the audio form. I may listen to them and do transcripts.

Maybe I'll end up very happy with my second set of audio clips and upload them. Or maybe I'll do it in written format. Either way, I would love some feedback here. Thanks a lot :)

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Comment by Thomas True on January 6, 2011 at 2:14pm
You know this is really all interesting but it is in the end futile. If you want to know why we know the brain and body are real we have the experiences of our life. I would also have to contend that if the reality of the Universe was merely a construct of my own imagination, surely I would have dreamed up a better time for myself. Granted the mind and body relationship is a position that we must accept in order to function in what we percieve as the real world but in the end I quote from Douglas Adams, "I say what it occurs to me to say when I think I hear someone say something. More I cannot say. What do you do?"

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