Though Atheism or similar thoughts are very old in India ( Charvak for Example) we do not have ( as far as i know right now) any organization / institution of Atheists to share and discuss our views and refine our understanding of the subjects in Indian context.

Individually we do not have enough time to keep reading all the available literature on the subject. But discussion forums bring the juice of collective readings for easy consumption. I was thinking for quite some time to write on Evolution of God / religion. And I found some days ago that there is a book written by one Indian Mr Bansal available on Amazon titled " Evolution of GODS and religions". So I believe there are large number of people in our country who actively think about the subject. I found that the most people active on this forums are westerner and views are heavily loaded with western philosophies, history and myths. Its time there is a discussion forum which expresses things in Indian contexts.


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Comment by Michael Penn on August 8, 2014 at 6:26pm

I think Indian atheists could meet here if they like as we have people from all over. It would also be good if you had atheist groups in your country as well. One thing I notice is that I can post here, but in my state there are not many places to actually meet. I would have to drive a long distance to actually meet other atheists who might be speaking in some assembly. Getting a forum of atheists together from all over the world is a noble goal.

We have atheists here that report to use about things in their country and all over. I find these things helpful and good to know.



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