Well, I do always like it when I get paid to work on my hobbies, which is kind of the biggest benefit of my job. I do enjoy time to relax and read and play on the internet. So, I don't really have a plan in writing this blog. I have been floating around Atheist Nexus for almost 2 weeks now. I have really enjoyed my time here and I can honestly say I haven't found a community online that has such a rich and interesting collection of discussions to participate in. Both in the forums and in the chat that I sometimes float around in. Even when there is disagreement and occasional hostility (only seen once) it is still worked out in a rather civil manner. I have also found it rather easy to join in the conversations and found many that I enjoy participating in, probably more than I can actively keep up with. So, that being said, thank you everyone for making this an awesome place online to hang out in.

Now, onto some more fun topics. I don't know. But, first I think I need some coffee, it is 12:30am and I have another 6.5 hours to go in my shift. So, I am currently reading a great book, A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It was a gift from one of my sisters for Christmas and I have finally managed to get the time to read it. I truly do love it, it mixes two of my passions, History and Science. So, for anyone who wants to basic understanding as to how the universe came to be and how our understanding of the universe has reached this stage this book is a great place to start. I am planning on reading A Brief History of Time after it as a follow-up. I finished The God Delusion and God is Not Great last week. They were both great books, but very different. I guess it is understandable considering the background of the two writers. I honestly found Hitchens far more painful to read when he recounted the accounts of events during the 20th century and the complete misunderstanding I had for many of those events due to how they were portrayed by the media. I hope that with the advent of the internet some more honest reports may be able to be accessed. Most importantly many conflicts started between religion were not being reported as religious conflict but "racial" or "ethnic" when they were not. It was kind of a startling realization. I have always been aware of the North vs. South Ireland and its long history there, however, my realization of such problems spreading globally had not clued in nearly as much. I hope this awareness continues to grow.

Well, there are some of my musings for tonight. Back to my book. Goodnight everyone.

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