being a muso and not letting a day go by when i dont prance around in front of a mirror with a can of deodarant as a microphone (possibly too much information) i've thrown a few faves onto my page...

the "Smog" track is a song i play on a daily basis and always reminds me of who i am... its a stripped down sad song but always re-affirms my atheism for some reason... and fills me with hope.

the steve Earle is a strange one but somewhere within its words of faith there is an element of whats wrong in the world.. the thing that atheists know only too well..

Nick Drake is just a great songwriter....

the "Queensryche" track is out of context as it forms part of a concept album, but as a single song...
well, i'm just back to the can of deodarant here....
lyrically, its what i tend to scream at my friends over a few glasses of wine too many...


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Comment by Matt Gent on January 15, 2009 at 2:25pm
Oh, and i've added "No" by the Subhumans.. it may cause a few hands over ears but i grew up with it and scream along every time...

forgive my moment of englishness... if thats a word...



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