Well my last few posts have been kind of depressing. Can't help it though I get in those moods every now and again. Feeling a bit better today dad got paid and I will get paid in about a week so things aren't that terrible. It looks like I will be able to see my girlfriend although I am not excited about her paying for me to come. I feel like a bastard sometimes cause she has paid for me before. I guess it shows that she cares when the only thing she wants for her birthday is to see me but I still hate the idea of her spending some of her birthday money to fit the bill. I really didn't want this to happen but I want to see her.
As for the bills It looks like we will be fine. I think we can pay most of it maybe all and still have money for food and whatnot. I was concerned cause a bunch of unexpected expenses came up but my dads check has some overtime on it so that makes up for quite a bit. I think things might actually stabilize somewhat. A month or two ago there was a severe power outage that left about 300,000 people without power we were in the dark for only day which was good some had been without power for 3 weeks but in the process of that my dad miss two weeks of work and the really screwed us. I missed a paycheck as well. So it has taken awhile for things to straighten out but I think soon it should get a little easier.
I truly hope things do get better the past year has been very hard and it took a while but we might be stable now we will just have to see

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