Some people need Faith at any cost

I had some Jehovas Witnesses call round a few days ago. There is a mission a couple of streets away. The conversation ended a draw but I think I had more of the ball. It was interesting to argue religion in real time for a change.

The bottom line finally arrived at was that they needed to believe in some higher power because without that, their life would have no meaning or purpose. So they choose to hang on to a belief because their reality could not exist without it. A friend of my wife said something similar, that even if god had been personally responsibile for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, she would still believe in him because she could not imagine having to face life on her own.

Let's face it, as a species, we have become self-aware but we still need that existential element to help define how we got here and to take culpability and fear of death away from us.

I have just stumbled across this amazing site by following Banana Man's blog ring and I would like to share it with you both;
Not sure what to make of it but it needs further exploration.

I am content to know that there is no meaning to anything other than what we allocate to it. I'm me, I'm now and that's all. No god. No purpose. No sense. No one Truth.
No redemption. I am responsible to the people around me. I will have lived and died in less than a blink of an eye in this cosmos but I will live on through my childen.

Every second of my life is precious because it is all I have.

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Comment by Suzanne Foxton on April 17, 2010 at 3:16am
Hi Philip, thanks for citing my blog. You don't need to live on, ya know, even through your children. Just what is, here, now, (it's always here & now) is enough.



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