Some texts messages during the Bronco's game...

actual texts to/from actual friends:


(after Tebow's 2nd TD)


Phil:  How's that taste?

me:  Like communion wafer.


Steve:  God is strong today.

me:  he loves the Bronco's jerseys.

Steve:  he loves Tebow.

me:  he should he may be his son.


(after game winning throw from Tebow)


Jon:  Sooner or later.  You will believe. 

me: Maybe if i have an aneurism. 


Phil:  the Mile High Miracle

me:  let's hope people don't die in the name of Tebow tonight.


to that last point, i hope it's not prophetic.  i was rooting more for the Steelers tonight than i do for a typical Eagles game, and being a Philadelphian that says a lot.  Tebow played a very good game tonight, and he should be commended as such.  he was a big reason they won tonight, maybe the biggest.  still, the credit should go to him, the person, not to God or Jesus for giving him the skills he demonstrated today.  or those accolades could go to his parents, for raising him to strive for success, for his genes, for the opportunity to grow up in a priveleged society, and for his coaches who have helped him over the years.  unfortunately, while to his credit he seems to thank all of those, the biggest thanks is to his imaginary friend, who has done nothing but serve as false inspiration, all the while his true motivators were present in the flesh.  next week i'll be the world's biggest Patriots fan - and i HATE the Patriots. 





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Comment by Brian E. Hagmeier on January 9, 2012 at 1:16pm

I'm a Raiders fan so I hate Archangel Timmy but as an atheist I find him quite entertaining. I will be rooting for his decline with both football fanaticism and patronizing snark!



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