Observation and thoughts derived from the book The God Delusion: Chapter 10, Dawkins wrote the statement that 96 percent of the population of the United States thinks that they will survive their own death. If one was to say that should I jump off this 12 story building unaided, after I hit the bottom of the pavement, I will survive that fall. Any reasonable person would have no other recourse but to find the nearest phone and call 911 for emergency services. Because my statement would surely reflect a total disconnect to the reality of the Universe. But, if one has a belief in a dogma that tells them that no matter what death they face, they will survive their death, based upon a religious dogma. The general population in the United States will think that they are a person of deeply held religious beliefs.


Some Thoughts from "The God Delusion"

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Comment by Thomas True on February 10, 2011 at 9:55pm

Until I read Dawkins book, I have never thought of it that way. But the truth is that people do think that and they think it is reasonable to think that. Even though nothing scientific supports it and every indication is that when your dead you are dead.


I cannot think of a pure definition of someone acting delutionally than to see someone live and act as if that is a fact instead of the most stupid think you ever heard.


One might as well become a superhero and face the wrath of criminals. Why? Because even if they kill me I will survive.


Religious adherents are so full of crap.

Comment by Rick Gray on February 10, 2011 at 8:30pm
I think the idea of cheating death is ingrained in our culture not just religion. Back duri g 9/11 there was the urban legend about the man who surfed a slab of rubble down one of the towers when they collapsed. A lot of our movies also place characters in a lot of unrealistic life or death situations.

This is purely my opinion but I think a lot of this cheat death attitude comes from the fact that the citizens of our nation have never experienced the massive death and destruction which come with fighting a war (especially a losing one) on our own soil.



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