Some updates concerning American Heathen

Hey folks, hope everyone's doing well. Happy Holidays to everyone!! =)

It's been awhile since RJ Evans and the gang at the ShockNet Radio show American Heathen's been on the air; they adjourned for the season back in mid-August to retool the show and to take a well-deserved extended break.

As has already been mentioned here, American Heathen will return on a new day - Saturdays - beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT Jan. 28. There's going to be all sorts of new features plus old features coming back as RJ, David 2, 2Buck Chuck, Amber, John Mill, Yahweh and Ken Humphries get together to talk about what's REALLY going on - and do so in a no-holds-barred manner.

Why does American Heathen even exist in the first place. Here's a blog entry from RJ:

While this may have come up previously here at the Nexus, what would happen if Atheists were forced to leave the country, as many would have us do?:

A guest post from 2Buck Chuck - What Defines a True Believer?:

And here's the Top 10 Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian:

In addition, American Heathen now has a NEW video commentary channel on YouTube! RJ and the gang will post weekly commentaries separately from the main show (which will also become a podcast next season as well!!). Here's the first three entries:

The 2012 season teaser trailer:

The opening video commentary: What IS American Heathen Anyway? It's Freedom and Liberty for All!:

And what about The War on X-Mas?:

Hope you enjoy everything - and stay tuned for the return of American Heathen in January! It's gonna be an interesting ride... ;)

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