Some very interesting topics TONIGHT on American Heathen

No doubt about it, it's been a fairly interesting week. Lots of things happening, but how do you REALLY make sense of it all? You won't find it from the corporate-shill talking heads on corporate radio - but you WILL find it from the crew of ShockNet Radio's American Heathen, which airs at 8 ET/5 PT TONIGHT! It's a three-hour extravaganza of news, analysis, commentary, comedy and discussion that focuses on what's REALLY going on - all from a sane Atheist and Libertarian POV. Try hearing THIS on your local radio station - if they'd even ALLOW it!:

WARNING: The topics discussed, and language used, on American Heathen are NOT for the faint of heart or the easily offended. I personally do NOT necessarily agree with all opinions expressed on the show, but I DO agree with the show's main goals - FREEDOM and LIBERTY FOR ALL!

Wondering what the fuss is about? Curiosity now piqued? Good! Tune in tonight and join RJ Evans, David 2 and Al Stefanelli - along with regular segments from Reap Paden (Reap's Rants) and Ken Humphreys (Astounding Rubbish) - for The Most Dangerous Show on the Net (Why dangerous? Because it will actually make you THINK!)! There also will be a pair of discussion topics on the agenda tonight - Why Do We Live in the Past and Holy Alliance - A Glimpse of America's Future?, based on the current trial in Russia of the band Pussy Riot.

You can tune in to the show one of three ways - logging on to ShockNet Radio at or to the simulcast on Freethought Radio at or to the ShockNet stream on the FREE Apple iTunes player under Radio and Classic Rock. You can also interact with the program either by calling TOLL-FREE (866) 400-6684 at any point in the program (all POVs are welcome and NO call screeners are used) or by joining the LIVE chat room (opens up about 30 minutes prior to air) by clicking on Chat, signing in with any screen name you wish, choosing AmericanHeathen from the drop-down menu and clicking on Connect to join in a growing group discussing the issues raised on the show and also to discuss other happenings of the week.

Still not enough for you? Want more information? Join the American Heathen page here at the Nexus for show information and updates; visit the American Heathen blog at for transcripts of commentaries delivered on the show and comments on the news of the day; view the American Heathen YouTube channel at to view video commentaries on issues raised on the show; and follow the American Heathen Twitter feed at for quick updates and links to show material.

No other show can do what American Heathen does - promote the concepts of LIBERTY and FREEDOM FOR ALL! Live It. Love It.


See you there!

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