Someone Mentioned The Salvation Army

I've had it in for the Salvation Army for years now. When I first moved to Seattle I had a job cleaning their head quarters. Cleaning jobs can be degrading at times, not so much from the work itself but the way in which people that have jobs in the same building tend to treat you. The woman in charge of that building made me feel as if I were Cinderella working for my freakin' wicked Step-Mother. Every morning she'd come in after we'd cleaned and if she found a single tissue in the bathroom trash or bit of toilet paper in any of the toilets she'd freak out.

The problem was that we'd see employees coming back in on our way out or staying there later than us all of the time. This didn't matter to her, she wanted someone punished, she needed a scapegoat and that scapegoat was me. I was fired over it, and this lead to a series of events where I spent the next two years doing things I'm not proud of in order to have a place to stay and food to eat. I wound up homeless at one point, though I was fortunate enough to couch surf.No one wanted to rent to me when I finally got a job again as I hadn't been there long enough, but in the end I found an apartment manager that let me take over someone else's place without doing a background check.

So whenever I hear those bells, I always think of that chapter of my life and how these people can run a charity with one hand, while exploiting the poor with the other. And that gang, is why I memorized Invictus.

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Comment by Creature on December 2, 2009 at 11:28pm
Women can be nasty about things like that.I wish we were brought up to feel more comradery for each other instead of this whole appearance based competitiveness, where women try to sabotage each other. My Mom was always someone that looked much younger than she is, she's in her fifties and looks like she's in her thirties. When she worked out at Hanford I remember hearing about how she was constantly subject to all of the icky sex gossip.

I hope that your Mom doesn't have to put up with being treated that way for much longer at least.
Comment by Sonny Mobley on December 1, 2009 at 1:40pm
You're so right about how people often treat cleaner's! I help my mom with a cleaning job for a cotton gin office and the women office workers there treat her like crap! My mom is also a beautiful lady (yeah, that's where I get it) and all of those ladies are ugly huge redneck women who probably can't stand her because she looks 30 and they look 60. So... ^^;;



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