One day, I questioned god. Someone wrote me a reply to my claim. Here it is.

God never sends people to hell. people may wonder "Why is there a hell and "How can a loving god send people to hell"

this is no new question, it has been ased across the century to prove christains wrong.....

then he goes on to blabber about adam and eve and what commands they were given. Which, had nothing to do with what I stated.

Then he states

"He cannot allow unperfecy sould into heaven becaue this would mean that he is imperfect which we know he is. this is why he created hell. if you sin your punishment for this is going to hell because you broke his law.

then he blabbers on about the new testament. and about how no matter how good people can be, they still broke god's law (All our righteuosness is like flthy rags... remember that.) then he talks about jesus.

well, That's all.


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Comment by James M. Martin on August 25, 2012 at 8:01pm

How can a loving god send people to hell?  Simple: by inventing a new and unintended use for the words, "free will."  Will is never free, by the way: just as acts and omissions have their consequences in the personal and legal realms, they take a toll on the "soul," by which I mean the thoughts and memories of one's choices as well as innate or acquired information.  The apologists for Christianity will tell you that it is not God but man who sends himself (or herself) to hell.  There is also the inherent dualism in the proposal of a good god.  Whether he is one or three in one, God must have an equal and opposite deity; after all, it is implied in the Commandment that one shall have "no other God but me."  What's the old boy afraid of?

Movie slogans quote some foolish person as saying that  only reason the Devil exists is because men deny His existence.  Dualism necessitates a powerful opponent to God, whether you call him Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, or to the Yezidis of ancient Iraq, "God," because, being Oriental Gnostics, the Yezidis to this day insist that the God worshiped by Jews, Muslims, and Christians is the Devil Himself.

The silly freedom of will argument is usually the only ammunition the apologists can rumage about and seize in efforts to explain why bad things happen to good people.  Why did the Indonesian Tsunami kill thousands of children?  Because God gave them freedom of will and they chose to live near the ocean.  (Tectonic plates mean nothing to ignorant folks, and the more religious a politician is, the more likely he is to be ignorant of science, as witness the bozos on the U. S. House science subcommittee.)  Ignorance is bliss because the eradication of critical thinking proceeds apace.  The thousands who flock to Rev. John Hagee's evangelical megachurch to hear him call a monster hurricane God's punishment for rampant homosexuality overlook the facts: (1) Hagee has succumed to the usual "causes" of natural disasters, a form of post hoc reasoning that presumes that the thing that follows was caused by what preceded it, including tropical depressions that turn into Category 3 or 4 hurricanes.  (2) By surrendering their faculties of reason to a confidence man and Ponzi schemer, these poor demented fools deserve their fleecing.  (3) If bad people go to hell, how come Karl Rove is still alive?



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