Something I thought about today and wrote in a journal-Faith-hope and false-hope

I wrote this earlier tonight. Feel free to add something that I might have missed or your own ideas or if perhaps there is something I should stress.

Hope-False Hope-Faith

Religiously speaking!!

Hope-a belief that something will happen or can be had. Something you are looking forward to in a positive thinking manner for the future that has a positive outcome in your favor.

"I truly hope that they pick me for the team. I worked so hard and trained all year. I am so nervous. I hope I make it and start each game too!"

This my friends is something we all do everyday. We "hope". We hope for good outcomes on a test or good report from the doctor. We hope that our leg is not broken and we hope for landing that new job. We hope for things that are realistic and could happen to anyone at any time. The chances are likely and although sometimes we are let down by those results. We still "hope".

There is a big difference between hoping for a likely outcome as the examples above and hoping for a "being" to create those outcomes for you. That is called "false hope" which I will get in to later. Placing "hope" in a higher power that will make those outcomes come true for you or for another person is now allowing the person asking or requesting the outcome to take any responsibility or have any reality of the situation. I am not arguing if or if there is not a god that interferes with our lives because truth is no one knows. Highly unlikely yes but this is not a point I want to make right now. My point here is that when we "hope" we do so in a manner knowing that we did what we could and took the steps necessary and are waiting on the final results without interference from a higher power or influence from that higher power to make your wish come true.

False-hope: belief built on a fantasy of something that is highly unlikely or nearly impossible to happen. The results are unrealistic and this includes putting false-hope in people. Scamming people will claim their miracle drug will work so you put false-hope in to their product without realizing how unlikely the results are until you read the fine print.

"I hope (god) hears our prayers and heals all those who are wounded or sick. I hope (god) gives us a miracle today. I hope (god) gives me strength to keep going."

These are not realistic and are highly unlikely wishes you are asking for and you are putting "faith" in to a being to do so. I will get in to "faith" soon enough. You will see how it all flows together. Assuming there is a (god) and he or she hears your prayers, is it unlikely that ALL people will be healed? Is it realistic to assume a miracle will come your way just because you asked for it? Is it likely that this being will give you strength just like that? No. It is not. Look around you. Millions of people die every single day from disease or accidents or taking their own life because of mental instabilities. Murder happens every day and so on and so forth. If (again we are assuming a god exists) god could do these things because someone asked them to even though they know just like "hope" it may not always happen then wouldn't the majority of our people witness these miracles and see the majority are healed? Think about it. How many of you have prayed for healing the sick and how many of you have actually witness a true miracle in meaning there is no scientific or medical explanation for that fast recovery? Out of those-if any-how many were healed? 1? 2? Can you really conclude just because 1 out of 10 people were cured it is due to divine intervention? Surely that divine intervention would have known a lot more people were sick and heal more than that right? Why not all 10? It is because you are placing "false-hope" in to something that may or may not exist in an outcome that is highly unlikely.

Faith: believing without proof

"God exist because I know he exist. He has performed many miracles in my life and shown me the light. I don't need to see him to know he is real because of what he has done in my life."

This my friends is placing "false-hope" and having faith in someone you cannot in any shape or form prove is real. Just as I cannot prove he is not (though there are many cases to help my point) you can't prove he is. There is no evidence for your claim at all. You believe your life is so much better because of "faith" in your higher power. You believe you are now cured from drugs and a life of horrible ways because of divine intervention. What proof do you have? The only "proof" would be inside your brain because of your own thinking. Your own will power brought you to the place you are today. You saw a change and did so. That is it. Just because you have faith in something doesn't make it real or true. I could have faith that a unicorn is or was real but there is nothing to prove my claim. It is one thing to "hope". You can surely "hope" god is real and hears your cries and hears your devotion and sees your struggles and triumphs. Again though, that is false-hope because it is highly unlikely due to the fact that you can't prove if a god exist or not!

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