Sometimes I feel like Atheism makes me a dick...

 In the place I work, or indeed anywhere I have ever worked, I’ve always assumed that I would be different, not differently treated, but just different from the rest of the staff because of my Atheism. I have never experienced this, ever, so this feeling is unfounded, but it’s there all the same.

 The worst I’ve ever come across in my strange CV is when I was a student, and applied for the job of Christmas Santa in Clinton Cards store in Cardiff, and was asked in the interview they gave me AFTER I had already gotten the job what my religion was. Atheism, luckily, was first in an alphabetical list of choices, and the guy thought I was just picking the first one that came up. The only thing I thought at the time was, “ If it doesn’t matter what religion I am, why are they asking me?” This is literally the worst persecution I have ever had to go through, and it’s rubbish.

 But still I feel different (which is a nice way of saying "better") then everyone else I work with, who I know to be religious. Why Is this? They’ve never done anything to me, and yet whenever the subject comes up I go into the discussion full on. I sometimes feel arrogant or elitist. Like I'm showing off and trying to look smarter then everyone. Is this a problem with anyone else? Is this an Atheist thing or just a me thing?

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Comment by matthew greenberg on January 18, 2012 at 1:09pm

honestly Dave, it's hard not to feel 'superior' to the religious, since we know what they believe is beyond silly, and yet they believe it so deeply.  it's important to remember that for many, if not most, it isn't their fault.  for most, it's a given that they are X religion, and a good many don't even give it much thought.  my mother, for example, is religious, yet i know for a fact that she's never read the Bible, and couldn't even name the 10 Commandments.  the only ones that we should truly feel 'better' than are the fundamentalists, who have taken the absurdities that they believe to another level. 

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