South Australian policeman stood down for exorcism

You would think this sort of thing only happens in Africa or, at a stretch in some backwoods bible belt county in the United States. But no, it has happened in South Australia, in an area I might be moving to. According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

A South Australian police officer has been charged with trying to perform an exorcism on a teenager at a church youth camp.

The 28-year-old off-duty senior constable and two other adults have been charged following a camp run by the Lutheran church in the Barossa Valley in April, Adelaide's The Advertiser reports on Tuesday.

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Now my understanding of the Lutheran Church in Australia is that they are more or less mainstream. I have had arguments with a local pastor on evolution, but I assumed that he was just an obsinate idiot. I expect this sort of crazyiness from fringe elements or evangelicals.

I do note that when the head of the Church for South Australia and the Northern territory when asked for comment he responded:

"The Lutheran Church does not endorse or encourage any actions which are abusive or which results in the limitations or freedoms of any individual," Mr Voigt said.

Note that they din't say they don't do exorcisms.

The South Australian police force has responded was well with:

The South Australian Police Minister, Michael Wright, says an exorcism allegedly carried out by a police officer in the Barossa Valley is not reflective of the state's police force.

And I should hope not. I wonder how many officers would don the armour of god rather than a stab vest?

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Comment by Sean the Blogonaut on July 9, 2009 at 3:06am
Yes I would still rather live in South Aus than the deep South of America
Comment by Joey on July 9, 2009 at 2:32am
The main difference between South Australia and the Southern US is there he got in trouble. Here they'd defend him and they'd taser and arrest the kid on general principles.
The church would talk about what a wonderful man he was and he'd have their full support.
The people would rise up to defend the cop and talk about how the kid deserved it.

So yeah, quite a bit of difference in the Southern US and Southern Australia still. ;)



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