My email to the author, because I am so tired of this kind of comparison between communism and atheism.

Dear Sir,

I discovered your book "The Religious Case Against Belief” at the library and have enjoyed it very much.

I do have one question. Being an American atheist, I was wondering exactly how did the Soviets teach "strict atheism"? Through example, my children learn secular values, so I am not sure what you meant on page 52. I have listened to hours and hours of debate on what is the difference between agnostics and atheists. From what I can tell, claiming to be an atheist only means one thing. An Atheist is a person who does not believe in a god or gods. period. How the person thinks or believes in anything else is not apparent.

I do appreciate your learned opinions and it has been fun to finally read something that is not overly sectarian or secular.

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